About CREA


About CREA

Who are we? Take print experts with years of experience, add a good portion of knowledge, multiply this with a creative team, and there you have CREA Print Group. Together with our clients, we look for the most suitable marketing materials to bring their message to life. From shelf stoppers and stickers to displays, our wide array of products serves one single goal: to ensure that brands are seen.

Collaborate with CREA?

That is much more than just quality printing. From product design to delivery: our team works hard to bring every step of your project to a successful conclusion! Our experts will assist you with advice customized to your goals, so you can see your idea transformed into a flawlessly executed finished project without any problem.

Product Design

We wouldn’t be CREA without a creative product design. From the start of your project you work closely with our advisors. Together we look for the ideal design based on your project and goal.

Prototype Service

New ideas are exciting! That is why we develop test models to visualize and test the design at the request of our customer. Based on your feedback, we adjust and improve the design where necessary.


We go for a flawless printing process, even before it starts. That is why our prepress team is responsible for checking and double-checking all submitted files. Colour, layout, format, … everything is checked to make your document print ready. Before we start the production, we provide a final proof in PDF to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the result. Unsure about the layout of your images? Check out the technical requirements per product.


With printing as our core business, we aim for nothing less than perfect quality. We count on two main ingredients for this: our expertise mixed with high-tech machinery. This way, we have everything in-house to realize your project.

Customers service

Our customer service department closely monitors the status of each project from start to finish. Whether it’s material, cost efficiency or delivery specifications, we’re here to give honest and professional advice. Do you have any additional questions or doubts? Don’t worry, we’re just one call away.

Crea Logistics

At CREA, we do as much as possible internally: what we do well, we do it ourselves. This allows us to be flexible in our service. Where do we deliver your products? How can we pack them? It’s your decision.