Window stickers


Window stickers

Catch the eye of your customers with personalized window stickers. Whether you’re using them to advertise sales or brand your store, all you have to do is peel off the backing and apply. They require virtually no maintenance, they’re easy to reposition and the self-levelling material won’t leave streaks or smudges behind. Not sure what options make sense for you?

The CREA window stickers can be printed in large, small and/or double-sided prints. On paper, as well as transparent- or white plastic. Popular window stickers in our point of sale range are Static Paper window stickers and Double-sided window stickers:

Static Paper Window sticker

Static Paper is an electrostatically charged printed media. The static charge clings to any smooth surface, up to six months. Static Paper is easy to apply, easy to reposition and easy to remove. Static Paper leaves no residue. Therefore, the static window sticker is beneficial for many retailers when it comes to signage solutions. Static Paper is available in large and small sizes and can be printed in low or high quantities. Read more about Static Paper >>

Double-sided Window sticker

The double-sided window sticker is completely opaque. Which makes it possible to print on both sides of the sticker. This way you can communicate either two different or two identical images. That means double attention value for your promotional campaign. The double-sided window sticker is non-permanent and available in offset quality.

Material Window stickers

The window stickers are PVC-free and can be ordered in various materials, from Static Paper to vinyl:

  • Static Paper
  • Static Cling Vinyl
  • Easy Cling
  • Smart Tack
  • Window Vision
  • Double Sided
  • Adhesive Vinyl

Benefits Window stickers

  • Eyecatcher
  • Double sided printing possible
  • Window sticker Static Paper easy to (re)move
  • Non-permanent without glue
  • Available in offset and digital
  • Various sizes
  • Large and small runs

Curious about the possibilities? We are happy to tell you more. Contact us for a sample package of our window stickers.