Valuable Trade Marketing: Full-Colour Clip Strip

All it takes to beat the competition is to advertise your products in a playful and effective way through some smart shopper marketing. Crea Print Group is here to help.

Additional value through full color clipstrips

Though most impulse purchases are made right at the shelf, some additional stimulation through targeted marketing often proves just the right thing to give the consumer that final push. Crea Print Group likes to use full-colour clip strips because they contribute to subconscious influencing and stimulate cross-selling. For example, a clip strip with baby formula to go with diapers, or mini sausages and nuts at the wine and beer lane. Offering matching products creates additional value for the consumer and motivates impulse purchases. An outstanding bit of trade marketing!

Design freedom

Crea Print Group’s full-colour clip strips are fully tailored and very suitable for advertising sample packaging when launching a new product. This marketing method directs the consumer to the shelf for an additional purchase.

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