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Shelf communication


Today, communication is about creating an experience for the customer.

The right tools for this are essential.

We make the difference where most impulse purchases happen: on the shelf!
Increase your visibility and make the difference between buying and not buying. Shape, colour and material?
We customize everything based on your goal!


Wobblers - Shelf Dividers - Shelf Trays - Shelf Talkers - Clipstrips - Sideflags



Wobblers are hard to ignore: these cards do exactly what they need to do... wobble and attract attention!
Attach them to the shelf, shop rack, checkout or refrigerator and increase the visibility of your product.
The wobbler is ideal for temporary promotions or launches.

3D wobbler DanioWobbler CornettoWobbler Ben&Jerry


Shelf Dividers

Putting your product in the spotlight? That's exactly what these banners do.
Feel free to call them the billboards of the aisle, because with these shelf dividers you can spot discounts, promotions and new products from a distance.

Shelf Divider Miracoli


Shelf Trays

Shelftrays are the ideal tool to display products and help the consumer to find your product.
Present your products in the right set/look-and-feel and increase their visibility.
Use this tool for new products, brand image reinforcement or storytelling.

Shelf Tray


Shelf Talkers

This salesman does the talking for you. Get creative with the shelf talker or stop rayon.
Because he is attached to the shelf, he works like a guide towards your product.
Go for a remarkable form or message and boost impulse purchases!
The shelf talker is the ideal communication tool for promotions, new products, special offers, ...

Shelf Talker Gini



Would you like to see more products in your customers' shopping baskets? Don't put your products in the shelf, but on it.
Use the clipstrip as a handy tool for cross-selling: sell an item related to the main product and create extra value for your customer.
The perfect opportunity to increase loyalty and sales figures.



These flags are attached to the shelf by using a holder. They are ideal for announcing a promotion, launching a new product or communicating any message before your consumer makes a purchase.



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