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window stickers



A message that sticks! 

People love stickers, that's a fact. Call them oldschool, but admit it, a free sticker remains irresistible. 

Are you looking for indoor or outdoor stickers? With or without glue? Transparent or not?
Together with our advisors you find the perfect sticker for a message that sticks.




Promo Stickers - Floor Graphics - Window Graphics - Plakpartout


Promo Stickers

Continuous communication requires stickers. Stickers are available in every shape, colour and size.
Fully customizable to your wishes. 

We have the right sticker material for every application.  
Stickers for indoor and outdoor use, vinyl stickers, with or without glue, ... each with its own specifications.

Not sure which type of sticker is the best solution for you? We are happy to give advice.


Floor Graphics

Floor stickers attract the attention of passers-by in no-time!
The passer-by easily gets your message and feels addressed.

Floor stickers can be used for short-term or long-term actions.
Provided with a layer of anti-slip they last a long time, even with intensive use. 

Ask for floor stickers samples to see the different materials.

aquastep   vloersticker activia

Window Graphics

With window stickers you increase your visibility in the streets, but also in the shop. There are single-sided or double-sided stickers.
The stickers are of high quality and can even be reused.  

You don't know which material is best suited or you are unsure about the choice with or without glue?

Request samples.

raamsticker   raamsticker 2


Meet the plakpartout! And that really means "partout".
No glue is used for this static film, which means that you can easily apply and remove it on any material.

plakpartout    plakpartout

Request samples and discover all our repositionable, electrostatic stickers! 
- Penstick 
- Our exclusive plakpartout
- Yupo Tako
- Ventoux
- Kalmaro PE


Free samples