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promotional material

Various promotional materials


Highlight every aspect of your communication.

Integrate one explicit message into all your communications. That is the key to a good marketing strategy.
Why not print your message on your daily material?


Folders - Rulers and Bookmarks - Placemats - Door hangers and Suitcase tags - Disks - Posology cards - Mouse mats - PP and PVC Cards



Extending your house style into every element? Then our folders in PVC and PET are essential.
Print them with your own logo and message. This way you surprise your client how professionally your company works.

map   l map
Rulers and Bookmarks

A lifelong message? Put them on a ruler or bookmark.
This handy tool is used in all sorts of places, think school, office, home,... 
This way, your message is spread optimally! Because of its function and material, it will be used for a long time by your client.

Highlighting your message in a special way? Have you considered making them in lenticular material?
Our team likes to think along with you.

latje  bladwijzer


Let's eat! - the most favorite sentence of 99% of people.
Why not think about communication at the table?  Your eye-catcher steals the attention of your customers every meal.
Consciously and unconsciously.

From beautiful Disney princesses to a playful message and from young to old. With a place mat you score.


Door hangers and Suitcase tags

Door hangers are no longer limited to the hotel sector but can be found everywhere.
Original, long-lasting communication that sticks!

A suitcase hanger is useful to recognize your suitcase, but also to attract attention.
While your customer's suitcase rolls off the belt at the airport, at least 50 pairs of eyes are watching.
If you are not noticed, we don't know it anymore.



Everyone knows the blue disk in their car, but did you know that you can be more creative with it?

There are different types of disks with different purposes.
For example, an informative disks can indicate the correct dosage of medication.
Or with paint sample cards you can immediately see what fits into your interior.


Posology cards

These are cards in the doctor's prescription booklet or business booklet, which are necessary for any doctor. 

A posology card is a very strong communication tool.  An essential gadget in the medical sector.


Mouse mats

More and more mouse mats are not simply a mat on which you place your mouse.
Now there are variations where you place your photo or a calendar on.
You can't think of it so oddly enough.

Your message stays in place thanks to the adhesive or non-sleep layer. What do you have to say?


PP and PVC cards

An option you might not immediately have thought of but cards are also promotional material.

What do you think of an original, untearable business card? But other applications are also possible:

- loyalty cards
- telephone cards
- discount tickets
- calendar cards for your wallet

Matt or shiny finish, transparent or not, with or without rounded corners, what thickness, ... all your choice!
Other purposes?  The cards can also be provided with a scratch layer or a writing layer.

pp kaarten

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