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Let your brand stand out in the bar with POS-material


Do you know the feeling when you’re in a bar and don’t know what to drink? Again? 
You know the wine tastes like vinegar from previous visits, the cocktails are too expensive and beer… Well they don't have your favorite. You ask your friends what they’re going to drink, but they are busy talking about what happened last night. And then the waiter comes and you order what pops up in your head: 
‘One cola, please’.

Dear Brand Manager, Trade Manager or Product Manager,

This is your customer.

What if you could change this? That your product pops up in his head instead of the classic answers.

Of course, you have your loyal customers. But if you know that 70% of all customers sometimes dares to do an impulse purchase in a supermarket, why would it be so different in a bar? 

I hear you saying: ‘Tell me then how I can change this’. Well this is how: use POS-material in the bar. Point of sale marketing refers to all efforts that increase sales at the point the decision is actually made. POS-material gives your customer an extra impulse to buy something. An innovative and attractive presented product scores better than a similar product that’s presented boring. Align your marketing and communication with POS-material and increase your sales.

With marketing actions, advertising campaigns, e-mail and online marketing require the right POS materials. In web and mail campaigns you can send a personal message to the customer. A story that you want your customer to be recognized at the retail location or bar in this case. Repetition is the key to knowledge. An efficient POS campaign ensures an increase in turnover. Every desired point of sale must be provided with timely and targeted eye-catchers that stimulate sales.