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Give Your Message Extra Punch With Lenticular Printing!

Go for that wow effect!
Lenticulars are the perfect way to spread your message with impact.
They are surprising and generate curiosity: a moving image that is not digital remains special. 

The options are endless!
Are you going for one effect or a combination? At Crea we are happy to help you achieve the ideal result.


Lenticular Flip

A classic: the picture switches between two images. Go from one color, sentence or position to another!

Zoom effect

The image enlarges, reduces or transforms into another image.

3D effect

With this effect your image is brought to life. It just doesn't jump off the sheet yet!


Make a video of your print! This old-school lenticular combines images into a moving image.

lenticular flip zoom effect 3D effect animation


How does it work?

Lenticular printing allows you to see a different image depending on the angle at which you look at it.

The effect is created by combining a transparent rippled layer of plastic with a printed underlay. You can compare the ripples to lenses: each lens bends the light that shines through it. If you look from the left, you see one image, if you look from the right, you see the other. The result is a moving image!


Do you have an idea, an upcoming project or do you want to change your approach? 

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