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4 communication methods that increase brand loyalty


Customers are no longer loyal to their brand. In this fast-moving world, people quickly try something new and as a brand it is difficult to retain loyal customers. By improving these points, you can make a lot of progress.


Make things direct and easy

Read this:

‘Please fill in your details, this way you subscribe to our newsletter that you receive every week with information about our business.’


And now this:

‘Please subscribe to our weekly newsletter.’


You like the second paragraph better, no?

Customers like it that way too. They want direct information. Your customers don’t want to get the feeling that they are going to be tricked. Honesty and transparency are key these days. And don’t underestimated the language. If you talk to your customers like you talk to your colleagues, you don’t get it. Use easy language. No jargon.

Integrate this method in all your communications. The easier a brand makes the purchase-decision journey, the higher its decision-simplicity score. And what is this score?

One study of Harvard Business found that the ‘decision simplicity index’ is the best tool for measuring consumer engagement efforts. This includes how easy it is for consumers to gather and understand information about a brand, how much they can trust the information they find, and how easily they can weigh their options.

Brands that scored high were 86% more likely to be purchased by the consumers considering them than those who scored low. And if this didn’t impress you, 9% of the purchased brands are more likely to be repurchased and 115% more likely to be recommended to others.



Personalize your communication. Personalize your product where possible. Personalize your marketing. Personalize everything.

People want to have the feeling that they matter. Definitely when they are already a customer. They want you that you know them by name, what they like, what they need, … And as a business you can’t stay behind on this trend.

For example, give them relevant suggestions. Through email, apps, your website… possibilities are endless. With all the big data, you could set up an algorithm that suggests a replacement for a product if it’s almost running out. If you know your product lasts for one month, send your customer a reminder email after three weeks. It gives the customer the opportunity to re-order your product without running out. They will think that your company is helping, and you are actually. If you don’t have a product that runs out, suggest a similar product. Like an accessory that’s compatible with the product they just bought.


Communicate your values

Customers want to feel connected with the brand. They want to share the same values with their brand. So, communicate your values as much as possible.

Why? If you communicate them a lot, customers who share the same values will be even more loyal to your brand. These are the customers you want. They are the ambassadors of your brand. Your values are also an indication for new customers why they would choose your brand and not the competitor.

According to researchers Freeman, Spenner, and Bird:

"Of the consumers in our study who said they have a brand relationship, 64% cited shared values as the primary reason. That's far and away the largest driver. Meanwhile, only 13% cited frequent interactions with the brand as a reason for having a relationship.”

Communicating your values instead of communicating you want to make as much money as possible is the way to create a connection with loyal customers. It’s the one consistent method of creating brand loyalty that truly works.


Stay top of mind

You want to stay on top of your customers mind in this fast-moving business. If your customers see your brand a lot, they will remember you. Why is this necessary? When your customers have a problem that you can solve, you want your brand to be the first thing your ideal customer thinks about.

For example, you want your customers to think about you before they go into the store. If they are already in the store, a lot of customers do last-minute purchases. Chance is they don’t remember you… You want to be the leader in your niche, the expert or trusted name in your industry.

When you have to think of a brand of cars, type of phone, favorite shop, … you always have a name that comes quickly to your mind for each category. The brand you’ve named is an expert in branding and marketing. They have earned your loyalty because you choose them over others. And your attention because you receive their messages.


But how to stay top of mind?

The options are endless.

  • Sending a newsletter to your customers every once in a while, makes sure they see your name. Even if they don’t read the email, they see who sent it to them.
  • Use POS-material. If your customer forgot you, convince them again on the last-minute. With POS-material you stand out and customers see your brand again.
  • Reply on social media. If someone talks about your brand, react. You don’t always have to write a long message to them. Just like the post where they mention you. It’s an interaction with your brand and they see your name again. Or share the post. Social media is meant to connect with your customers so do it.