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promo packaging

Promo packaging


Sell more through our packaging.

Need image-strengthening packaging for your product? 
Promotional materials are often practical promotional items for daily use.
Your brand will stand out regularly!

A promo article that appeals to the imagination? Contact us and our own product developer will be happy to work a design out with you. If you wish, we will first make a prototype. So you immediately see what your product looks like in real life.


Sleeve Packaging - Promo Packaging - Gift Packaging - Bundle Systems


Sleeve Packaging

Do you want to be original on a special occasion or a temporary action?
Then definitely think about our sleeve packaging.

We apply a sleeve packaging around your product. What's in a name? 
Perfect as secondary or tertiary packaging, both transparent and white.



Rather a packaging where you can offer several products in the same packaging?

Then promotional packaging is a must! Endless possibilities to increase sales for both food and non-food.
The transparent plastic makes an extra gadget or bottle clearly visible. 


Gift packaging

Do you want to impress with your luxurious packaging or trendy gift set? Then you've come to the right place.

At Crea we create gift packaging for every season and every occasion.  
Combination of plastic and cardboard, transparent and/or printed surfaces, integrated interior, ... everything is possible!
We will work out a solution for you that will make you stand out.


Bundle Systems

The consumer can get to know your products better or faster via a bundle system.
With such a system you can bundle several products in one package. This way you can combine a new product with a successful product!

Heavier products are no problem because our packaging materials are of very high quality.
Multipacks are also possible! 

Do you have a smaller product? We have a different solution for this! Then choose our SlimBundle system.

The packaging optimises the grouping of products while minimising production and processing costs.

How is this possible?

Each SlimBundle is manufactured in one piece. So from the same sheet, which ensures a minimum of material.
Thanks to the intelligent folding method and flexibility of PET, various products of different sizes can be bundled.
Even for a small booklet we can provide space so you have more communication space. 

Ideal for the sectors: cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and FMCG.

bundel systeem

It is one task to have a strong product, 
another to make it sell. That is why we are here.