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Instore communication


Follow your customer's path.

Stimulate your customers from start to finish and increase your turnover.
Inform, convince or amaze?
We adapt everything based on what you want to achieve.


Caddyflap - Mobiles - Checkout Divider - Writing And Chalkboards - Tags And Labels - Flag Lines - Counter Mats - Duratrans


The shopping cart is the ideal place for an advertising message.
Caddyflaps are placed on the cart and - thanks to your consumer - carried around the entire store.



Are you already using the space in the shop enough?
Use our ceiling hangers as a attention catcher for your campaign!


Checkout Divider

A cash register bar only means one thing: attention to the conveyor belt.


Writing And Chalkboards

Back to vintage and write down your own messages for your customer?

You do that with the chalk, writing and felt tip boards.

Promotions, suggestions or novelties are very easy to communicate.
Moreover, the boards have a very long lifetime.
But don't worry that you have to dust them off for years, because they are dust-free!

Would you like magnetic boards? No problem! We take care of it.


Tags And Labels

No hanger we can't make and no place too difficult for us.
Every tag spot is possible!

Just think of the rack hangers on the clothes rack or the nozzle tags at the petrol station.

Even lenticular is possible, so you can give your labels an extra dimension!
Your product tags or product labels are fully customizable. 

tag   label

Flag Lines

Fancy a party? Our promotional flags are printed, finished and packed by us.
They come in all sizes, shapes and colours, but most of all: they are wind and weather resistant.


Counter Mats

Make your message at the counter stand out? Put it on a payment mat.
The customer can't help but notice when he pays.
The non-slip coating keeps them in place!
counter mat


Put your product in the spotlight with the duratrans.
Your photographic display will be attached in a light box and you just shine!


Do you have an idea, an upcoming project or do you feel like taking a different approach?

Contact us!