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Stick 'n Glides displays

Displays and table tents


Small tools with great impact.

Influencing customers last-minute? You do that with the displays.
Just like with table tents, you can edit your customers in the very last phase. 

Discover our new, innovative display!


Stick 'n Glide - Table Tent - Counter display


Stick 'n Glide - A Strong Display For A Strong Brand

A display that does not blow away, fall over or crease? That's the Stick'n Glide. 

Our patented mini-display stays on any flat surface!
We adapt it to your wishes: pop-up elements, cut shape, colour... be creative!

The advantages? 
- Easy to move
- "Sticks" without glue
- Rain and wind resistant
- Colorfast
- Recyclable 

Looking for a message that sticks? 
Test it out! 

  SNG bacardi             SNG vuur

Table Tent

A table stand may be simple, but it remains the ideal marketing tool for the hospitality industry.
The table stand has 6 sides, which means: a lot of communication space. 

Looking for something new? Our team is happy to create an original, made-to-measure table stand! 


Counter display

Convincing your customer at the last moment of his shop visit?
The counter display is the king of impulse buying.
They are perfect for gadgets, small products or even flyers. 

Are you looking for a simple display or a creative eye-catcher who gots the full package?
Contact us, we will be happy to advise you. 


Do you have an idea, an upcoming project or do you want to change approach?

Contact us!