Wobblers attract the attention of the customer immediately. Attached to the shelf, the shop rack, the cash register or somewhere else, they do what they are supposed to do: wobble... and draw attention to your product.


Our wobblers are available in a variety of materials, printings and sizes:

  • white or transparent material
  • printed double-sided or only printed recto
  • lenticular wobblers
  • wobblers with 3D shape


...it boggles the imagination.



  • Lenticular wobbler Dremel, printed by Crea
  • Double-sides wobbler with 3D shape by printing house Crea

Is it starting to wobble?

Wobblers are ideal for product launches and short-term promotions.


They attach to every surface and the adhesive strip leaves no traces behind. Cool, yeah?


Is it starting to wobble? Give us a call: +32 51 22 77 74.

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Prototype service

Unique in Belgium: the Crea prototype service.


Crea keeps its ecological footprint to a minimum.

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