Shelf communication

Shelf communication

Spotted in the shelf


Striking shelf dividers, shelf talkers, clip strips, side flags, shelf trays, ...


Attractive shelf communication will pull the purchase-ready clients over the line and help them select your product. Shelf stoppers increase the likelihood of (impulse) buying substantially.


The possibilities - in terms of shape, material, colour and adhesive - are endless.


We would be pleased to develop a custom-made solution for you!


  • Crea POS material | Shelf dividers

Shelf dividers

The design of shelf dividers and how they stand out give 'guidance' to the buyer.

You take the customer by the hand and escort him or her to your product, as it were.


Give your sales a boost with Crea shelf dividers!

  • Crea POS material | Shelf talkers

Shelf talkers

The shelf talker gives your client extra information.


Faced with a pleasant or attractive offer, the consumer will be sold. Or even better... your product will be sold.


  • Crea POS material | Shelf trays

Shelf trays

Shelf trays are great for presenting your products uniformly without being left at the mercy of the shop personnel.


Your product is presented uniformly - and in the right ambiance - everywhere.

  • Crea POS material | Clip strips


Clip strips make it possible to offer a related product next to your product.

You can, for example, attach a clip strip with packages of Perfect Pour drip stoppers for serving your favour bottle of wine without spilling.


There are clip strips with hooks, eyes or... clips, of course.


  • Crea POS material | Side flag with productsimulation
  • Sideflag with product with product by printing house Crea
  • Side flag or shelfstopper Zero, realized by Crea Printing

Side flags

Quickly place a few flags on the shelf next to your product. Side flags are an ideal way to announce a special, launch a new product or communicate any other message to the consumer just before she makes the buying decision.


The shapes, materials and means of attachment are legion.


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