Promo stickers

Promo stickers

Stickers hang around. Usually, that is... because whether they are permanently adhesive or removable, our range of stickers is always being expanded.


They are great give-aways for every age.



  • Stickersheets and stickers to give away printed by Crea printing

Stickersheets and stickers to give away

Sticker sheets, (re)movable stickers, stickers to give away, in all sizes, colours and shapes, and with a backsheet that you can also print on.


Contact us so we can explore the most appropriate type of sticker together:

inforequest [at] crea [dot] be of +32 51 22 77 74.

Latest news

Crea realized the Martini Royale minibar packaging.

Prototype service

Unique in Belgium: the Crea prototype service.


Crea keeps its ecological footprint to a minimum.

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