Payment mats and placemats

Payment mats and placemats

Payment mats, placemats and coasters come directly into your customer’s field of vision.


Your message or logo on a counter-top mat simply cannot be avoided when the customer is paying at the cash register.


With the breakfast mats, glass coasters and mousepads, you can literally find your way into someone's home or office.


  • Payment mats in all formats, contact Crea printing
  • Lenticular coasters printed by printing house Crea

Placemats, glass coasters and mouse pads

Coasters hold a message that never fades, even after years of intensive use.


With their adhesive or anti-slip layer, they stay firmly in place.


Also lenticular payment mats are possible.


Latest news

Crea realized the Martini Royale minibar packaging.

Prototype service

Unique in Belgium: the Crea prototype service.


Crea keeps its ecological footprint to a minimum.

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