Crea has several specialists in the company who focus on the interior decoration market.


Consumers are placing new accents in their interiors faster and more frequently. With the decorative interior stickers and wall decorations from Crea, that can be done quickly and easily.


The traditional window and wall stickers are still hot! But what about our original wall shapes and chalk stickers?


Crea positions itself as a trendsetter with the development of new decoration possibilities and variations on existing products.


We like to inspire you!


  • Crea printing | specialist in decorative floor stickers & deco wall stickers

Floor & wall stickers

Decorative stickers for the wall are still very popular. Crea has them in infinite sizes, shapes, colours and adhesive strengths.


  • Wall stickers for in the baby room or child's room, the bedroom or the bathroom.
  • Interior stickers for the living room or kitchen.
  • Wall stickers to liven up your foyer or hall.
  • Chalkboard stickers to write on.
  • Whiteboard stickers as week planners or memo boards.


Now floor stickers are making an entrance in the world of decoration.

Our floor decoration stickers are anti-slip, leave no glue trails behind and are ideal for both long-term and short-term use. You can replace them for others in a trice, which changes your floor instantly in season, style or look.

  • Crea printing | Electrostatic window stickers - decorative stickers

Window stickers

Electrostatic window stickers or felt-tip pens have earned a place in window decoration.


These electrostatic stickers are applied easily, continue to stick without glue and do not leave a trace if you replace them with new ones. You can give your interior a completely different look in a trice.


Our removable window stickers can be repositioned many times on your windows, glass doors or mirrors.


  • Crea printing | Chalkboards and memo boards for interior decoration


Chalkboards of felt-tip pen boards are very popular in the kitchen and teenagers'  bedrooms.


Families and children use the writing surfaces as calendars, week planners, or memo boards. It helps parents to remember to take the children to sports or music activities.

  • Crea printing |  Creative and decorative wall shapes

Wall shapes

Are you looking for an original playfulness for the decoration of your walls? Allow yourself to be surprised by our wall shapes in polypropylene.


Or liven up your wall with metallic shapes. These elegant forms with a metallic look give your walls a new dimension. Glossy, luxurious and surprising.


We would love to work out several 3D forms or decorative wobblers to a specific theme for you!

  • Crea printing | lenticular decoration materials


Lenticulars grab the attentions and give an extra dimension to the room.


Lenticular prints can be used as decorative borders, as playful decorative elements or as lenticular posters.


3D lenticular also surprises often as a realistic trompe l'oeil.

  • Crea printing introduces DecoClock in plastic


Our DecoClock consists of a wall clock - can be accompanied by wall stickers in the same theme.


This wall clock is a strategic choice as a business gift. Your contact checks the time several times a day, after all, right?


You have an idea... maybe vague, maybe very concrete. Crea is able to take care of the complete execution: design, production and packaging.


Ask about our standard rates quickly. Our wall timepieces offer a long-term and repetitive exposure for a very low price.


Latest news

Crea realized the Martini Royale minibar packaging.

Prototype service

Unique in Belgium: the Crea prototype service.


Crea keeps its ecological footprint to a minimum.

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