Caddy and the cash

Caddy and the cash

It grabs everyone's attention


The shopping cart or cash point is the ideal place for praising your wares. It's hard to conceive of more powerful communication for focussing the attention of the buyer on your product.


Now, that's clever! Because the message placed on the caddy, the cash point or the PIN machine grabs everyone's attention.




  • Shopping cart advertising, realized by Crea Printing
  • Caddyflap Delhaize printed by UV offset printign house Crea
  • Checkout divider with your message, contact Crea Printing

Caddyflaps, checkout divider and PIN blocker

You can trust the creativity and expertise of Crea to make a caddy flap, checkout divider or PIN blocker that will definitely catch the shoppers' eye.


Give us a call... we'll talk soon: +32 51 22 77 74.

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Prototype service

Unique in Belgium: the Crea prototype service.


Crea keeps its ecological footprint to a minimum.

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